Continuously Creating Digital Solutions

Сreates and develop website

There are 11 main types of websites, each of which is designed to perform tasks and is unique in its own way. Here you can choose the type of your site.

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An application program or application is a program designed to perform certain tasks and is designed for direct interaction with the user.

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Development & IT

Make things happen. With our professional upload to customer content we make your website functionally quickly and correctly working

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Design & style

The look, the feel, and  the voice of your business which is an individual for each website our mission is to make your web site dynamic and multifunctional.

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SMM - Social Media Marketing

With our professional working strategy, your more than advanced position about the presence of your brand in social media...

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Online services & support

By having our advanced websites, you will be always followed by our care, support and Gide 365 days hand by hand with each other’s.

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3D graphics & visualization

3D graphics or three-dimensional graphics - this is one of the sections of computer graphics, a set of techniques and tools that allow you to create three-dimensional objects using shape and color.

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Web international analysis

We provide a professional analysis for our website customers, focusing on rising up with site advantages and optimizing the others.

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3d view of buildings

Spherical panorama (virtual panorama, 3D panorama, photosphere) - one of the types of panoramic photography. Designed primarily for display on a computer (with the help of special software).

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