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An application program or application is a program designed to perform certain tasks and is designed for direct interaction with the user. In most operating systems, application programs can not access the computer resources directly, but interact with equipment and other programs through the operating system. Also in the simple language - auxiliary programs. The application software includes computer programs written for users or by users themselves to assign a specific job to the computer. Order processing or distribution lists are examples of application software. Programmers who write application software are called application programmers.

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A novelty in the world of business are online stores, which in a skillful hands bring a solid profit, and as a result, attracted the attention of successful businessmen. To date, mobile applications for purchases are used by more than 25% of buyers. At the same time, a significant proportion accounted for users iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, who prefer mobile applications instead of Internet sites. The number of iPhone and Android users is increasing - which means that a range of potential solvent buyers is growing. Therefore, in the long term, creating a mobile application for the store is more than an actual task. Order a mobile application on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) can any company that is committed to the development of their business. Write to us - we will always be able to offer you the best option for cooperation.

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