Business card or information Website

ONE OF the most inexpensive types of websites.

Contains:  1 to 3 web pages.

Specification: show up your business and your company structures; give an information about one product & services, shows contact information, holds information about your company and can launch contextual advertising. Good choice to start your on line  business  and does not require a long  time to lunch .

Can be modified by your request after the official. (Add new functionality).

By chosen business web site, you have the opportunity to tell the whole world about the company.

An information site is often called a business card site. Such a site carries a single semantic load - information about the companies and services provided, information about the company and contact information (phone, address, time of work)



Business web site package:

1-Adaptive design - convenience when viewing on any device.

2-Choice of several types of design.

3- 12 month service

4- Web site registration in the search engines Google.com, Google.ae, set the attendance counter and Google analytics systems.

5-full technical support and follow for 1 year (7 days a week)

6-Conveniently! Fast! Reliable!

Price from: 3500AED

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