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This is a full-fledged website with any functionality necessary for your business. You can place on it large catalogs of services, create photo albums, connect a forum or comments and create a personal office for employees and customers. They are easy to manage, easy to expand, and all information about it is reliably protected.


A corporate website was created to attract new customers and inform existing ones in order to keep interest in the company and increase loyalty.

The development of a corporate site is a step towards serious progress, the acquisition of prospects and the best opportunities for interaction within the company. The creation of a corporate portal allows the company to keep in touch, to ensure the growth of popularity and product recognition and, thus, to receive a powerful branding tool, to declare the reliability and stability of the enterprise.

Our specialists offer only the best solutions: exclusive modern design, functional structure, relevant content, provide a convenient management system, ideally adapted to individual preferences of customers. Trust the work of a well-coordinated team of professionals, because our top priority is the high quality of the result!

The main elements of the corporate site:

Task Manager for employees and departments

Organization of work time accounting

Financial Planning and Accounting



Customer base

Social services for interaction between employees and customers

Adaptive design

450 pages web site

15 modules

License management system CMS

 Domain in the COM or AE zone.

Site maintenance 1 year

SEO panel for promotion

Technical support 7 days a week

6 selling modules for 3 months for free!

We register the site in the search engines Google.com, Google.ae, set the attendance counter and Google analytics systems.

Business / marketing website package  :

Ready-made design with adaptive layout for mobile devices. Customize the color scheme of the site based on the colors you have chosen, place the logo, phone and address of the company, run the site on the Internet and save it for a year. Any solutions that we can organize for your topic, changing menu sections and photos in the title of the site. Great for quickly creating a website!

CMS is a content management system (content management system). CMS is also called the site engine. Thanks to this system, you can make changes to the site yourself thanks to a user-friendly interface. Thanks to this you or your employees will be able to independently add the necessary information to the site: post news, price lists, tables, photos and create new sections and pages.

The site management system CMS is a new generation of site management. CMS gives you more freedom, dynamism, financial independence, because it does not require monthly support.

Price from: 8000 AED

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