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How has this leader embraced the arrival of technology innovation?

The future vision of our leader started by the announced by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council paperless strategy that, After the year 2021, no employee or customer of the government of Dubai will need to print any paper document. At once we invite all UAE companies to follow the arrival of new paperless technology and to start the smooth shifting strategy to companies’ operation systems, accounting systems, VAT operations, on line registration and DATA safe. Technology is everywhere, even by lunching the new born FTA authority in UAE all personal and companies’ requirements, registration and FAQ was in systemic on line order by the UAE ministry of finance. We helped all companies to be in the correct technology orders that guaranteed the correct follow of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum vision and to start trusting the softcopy confidence and legal power. We started to optimize the companies’ operation system, accounting facilities and operations for best ever results.

Describe in less than 250 words, how this candidate planned and executed the digital strategy

Our digital strategic plan is individual to each company and based on understanding the multiple investment cultural core of UAE and the global companies needs in compare to home economical atmosphere.in Dubai there is a variety of company types starting from LLC ending by free zone based companies, we support and innovate the international economic understanding of systemic technological registration, accounting ( IFRS standards) and financial operation systems in order to UAE economical and financial laws and regulations. We have supported the understanding the correct finical and technological start for global famous branded companies from euro and west euro zones. We translated and explained in multiple languages the 2015 MOF rules and regulations laws to achieve the smooth understanding for a variety of foreign companies to follow H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council paperless strategy and the technology economy and financial working atmosphere.

How has this individual inspired, trained and educated others on the new technology being integrated into the company?

Our leader provided an individual plan for each company with a multi-language support, according to UAE multicultural economical investment atmosphere, variety of companies have a huge number of operational questions regarding what they have used to operate in their home land. Our mission was to reduce the commercial registration difficulty barrier to minimum and to feel more comfort in on line registrations and operations by soft technology documentations; we have in base professional multi language support and out of disk training facilities options which it was effective in explaining the finical requirements and the technology support.

How have the new technologies the candidate has introduced impacted the business and overall ROI?

For more than 13 years international finance experience and a close work with euro famous brands from Germany, Sweden, Russian, France and Norway, we in-depth understanding the financial and economy targets of each individual and the ROI expectations success. Analyzing variety of global financial and accounting software’s and compering to local UAE recognized programs we achieving the optimal way in operations which it can be comfortable for company users and follow UAE financial and economy standards.

We provide an individual services package for all our clients based on their home land accounting system CRM,ERP, SOFT ware  and generate programs that support their requirements with respect to local programs.

Describe why this individual is an exceptional digital leader and leads by best practice

Our leader in very early age of years has got 3 diploma from respected international economic and finance university and more over has become the ultimate business woman for the year and all of these trophies just by 25 years of old and now serving international and global big branded partners in economic analysis, accounting facilities and finance departments in euro zone (Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russian est.), in depth knowledge UAE economic, finance and accounting standards in total more than 13 years’ of experience that leads to full understanding clients’ needs and targets, which is now days very variable to lead distance business and saving time and economic business budget.

Provide examples of individual excellence that has sparked a cultural change in the business and driven alignment to business goals

Our leader with huge euro, international and local experience got the individual excellence in follow, evaluate and the great opening one of mega ice-cream company in UAE, 3 BEARS based in Ukraine was able to fully function in UAE within 4 months from conforming the idea of investments in UAE, under our finance technology services was able to reduce the budgets up to 50% , on line accounting facilities and consulting leaded to smooth understanding the contact points in different types of accounting systems, our leader believe that’s for successful business its mandatory to use technology evaluation systems that helps to reduce time and money company budgets.

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