Audit and Assurance

Taxation is governed by increasingly complexities that need to be broadened by regulatory requirements which is done through OkDok tax audit services in UAE.

OkDok helps you maintain your records and present them to the audit committees as well as to your stakeholders and investors in a timely and precise manner. OkDok Tax Consulting is the best among the leading audit firms in UAE as we have the expert knowledge and extensive experience of simplifying complex reporting issues involving Commercial and Federal Taxation laws of UAE.



Tax and VAT auditors in Dubai, UAE

Any audit firms in Dubai would provide you with the services for UAE Tax or Dubai VAT audit services but what differentiates OkDok is our approach towards auditing and help you comprehend your finances. OkDok offers you tailored services as per the nature of your organization and draws upon a widespread knowledge and talent, understanding of laws, regulations and legislation. We also deliver internal audit services accumulating substantial value to our clients by providing recommendations for improvements.

Accounting Compliance & Reporting

We provide accounting and auditing services as well as guidance which establishes insights for audit committees, federal financial officers, finance controllers, internal audit directors and others involved in the process of auditing. Our valuable understandings and application pf auditing and assuring the risks of your company make us one of the best audit firms in UAE.

Financial Advisory Services

OkDok helps you anticipate the impact of key business decisions on your accounting and financial reporting. We manage the implementation of accounting changes as ascertained by the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Authority of UAE. We provide aid ranging from a single accounting standard to the full project planning. OkDok also offers advisory measures to manage risks within the company, investigate alleged misconduct in terms of investment and help tackle financial disputes.

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