3D graphics & visualization

3D graphics or three-dimensional graphics - this is one of the sections of computer graphics, a set of techniques and tools that allow you to create three-dimensional objects using shape and color. From two-dimensional images it differs in that it implies the construction of a geometric projection of a three-dimensional model of a scene (virtual space) on a plane, this is done with the help of specialized programs. The resulting model can correspond to real-world objects (for example, a building, a person, a car, an asteroid) or be entirely abstract (the projection of a four-dimensional fractal).
Today, 3D graphics is firmly embedded in many areas of our lives:
Construction (visualization of three-dimensional architectural images of buildings, objects, interior, exterior);
Production (object modeling);
TV (simulated photos in glossy magazines, videos, special effects in the movies),
The game industry (3D-animation and virtual worlds, the development of computer games);
Polygraphy (creation of printing products),
Advertising (electronic presentations and catalogs, billboards, etc.), etc.
3D-graphics is one of the most effective tools in advertising, allowing to expand influence on the potential client and to improve the quality of advertised advertising both real and virtual world.

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