Landing website Page

A powerful tool for active sales on the Internet, playing the role of "landing page" on the site. Effective lending necessarily includes creative, laconic design and vivid sales elements, such as a feedback form, a package of shares and special offers.

Specification : This is a modern one-page website that allows you to show goods or services in a favourable light, description of the company, certificates, diplomas, awards, links to customers, contacts and push them to purchase without "wandering" through the multi-site.

Landing - is most often used for exploration of the market or a targeted advertising company.

Landings are great for conducting an advertising campaign for a certain product or service with the involvement of a target audience from contextual advertising (Google AdWords), social networks or newsletters by e-mail.

The main task in the development of LANDNIG is to attract the attention of the audience to the product or service while creating the maximum convenience for making a purchase.


Advantage’s : The volume of landings is very wide:

Fast sales; Increase in subscriber base; Strengthening attention to upcoming events and events.

Landing website package:

 :Adaptive design

More than 10 variations of blocks per page

2 free modules for 90 days!

1 year of service as a gift!

Technical support

We register the site in the search engines Google.com, Google.ae, set the attendance counter and Google analytics systems.

We support you on the issues of working with the site for 1 year (7 days a week)

Fast and convenient solution for your business.

Price from: 2500AED

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